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. . . Weak Euro Foundations: "Some European nations have built [upon] faulty societal foundations"

. . . A Better Way: "Switzerland has demonstrated that there's a better alternative"


. . . Spicer: One of Suspects 18 -- "How does that person get put in 9th grade?

. . . Politics Smashing People: Policies "not designed to keep children safe," But Created to Serve "political agenda"

. . . Fire the School Administrators: "For putting the needs of politics ahead of their primary job of caring for the district's children"

NOTHING BUT THE LAW: Gorsuch Schools Feinstein on How Supreme Court Actually Works

. . . Gorsuch: "Whatever's in Heller is the law, and I follow the law"

. . . Feinstein: "And you agree with it"

. . . Gorsuch: "It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, senator, respectfully -- it's a matter of it being the law"

. . . Watch: Youtube

FREEDOM FORWARD: "America Has Begun the Process of Reclaiming the Constitution"

. . . Healthier for All: Three Branches of the Federal Gov't Promoting the "general welfare without risking the blessings of liberties either for ourselves or for our posterity"

IS GOD IN FAVOR of a Welfare State?

. . . "There Is Absolutely No Wealth Redistribution, coerced and implemented by the state, either advocated or modeled anywhere in the Bible"


. . . Rev. Thomas Littleton: "You clearly did not understand [the LGBTQ] community, its history or its tactics"

. . . Extremist "Gay" Tactics: "The various groups who were partnering with HRC were sending gay couples and transgender or 'gender bending' teens into our churches to 'test reaction'"

. . . "One of Your Conference Speakers who was a 'same sex attracted' or 'Gay Christian' tweeted out mid-conference that 'the Southern Baptist and gay community break bread together in Nashville'"

. . . "The Idea That the LGBTQ Agenda is a civil rights movement is false, yet you seem to have bought in. The culture war is not the construct of the Christian Right whose eulogy you and others so eagerly proclaim"

"WANTED": UCalif. President Janet Napolitano for Violating Federal Immigration Law -- "Defund UC, Prosecute Napolitano, #No Sanctuary Campus for Criminals"

. . . Prosecute Sanctuary Movement Secessionists: Freedom Center's Newest Campaign Takes on the Seditious "Sanctuary Campus" Movement

. . . Serious Threat From Within: Menace "to our nation's security in the midst of the global war that Islamists have declared on us"

. . . Must Be Stopped: Radicalized Leftists Spreading "seditious movement from our cities to our colleges and universities, and, in California, to make the entire state a sanctuary for foreign criminals"

DESIGNER BABIES and the Chilling Echoes of Eugenics

. . . In the Name of Science: "60,000 Americans lost their right to reproduce at the hands of a scientific community that insisted it could improve mankind"

. . . Real-World Inhumanity: "Horrors of the Nazi movement in Germany"

. . . Lessons of History: "Engineering works great for building bridges; it's much less advisable for designing societies"


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Obama Tried to Legalize Migrant Accused of Murdering 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter
March 22, 2017 • 10:08 AM

Nancy Pearcey Speaking at Bible & Beer Consortium and Art House Dallas Event
March 21, 2017 • 1:40 PM

We Seek Interview With River
March 20, 2017 • 10:22 AM

Babbling Bethel: Sorry Christians, But Your Bible Fails "Inclusive Language" Standards at "Evangelical" College
March 17, 2017 • 1:29 PM

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OBAMA'S SHREDDING of the Constitution: Unveiling the Lawlessness in the Obama Administration, by Andy McCarthy

WHY EVOLUTIONARY THEORY Cannot Survive Itself, by Nancy Pearcey

QUACK! EARTH NEEDS MEN Who Stare at Ducks and Women: A&E Launching Two-Faced Counterattack Against "Duck Dynasty" Robertsons in 2014, by J. Richard Pearcey


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TEAM TRUMP SPIED UPON: Intel Community "Incidentally Collected Information About U.S. Citizens Involved in the Trump Transition" -- Chairman Devin Nunes

. . . "On Numerous Occasions": Capitol Press Conference

. . . "Unmasking" Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance

U.K. PARLIAMENT TERROR: 5 Dead, Including Officer and Alleged Terrorist, in "Sick and Depraved" Act

. . . Sweden: Asylum Seeker Forced 10-Year-Old to Watch Porn Before Raping Her

. . . Italy: Boat Migrants Landing at "pace exceeding anything we've seen before"

. . . Denmark: "One in Five" Danish Newborns Has Foreign Heritage

SCHUMER: No Supreme Court Appointment While Cloud Hanging Over Trump's Head

. . . Rev. Graham: Pray for Gorsuch -- "Atheist Progressives" Want to "Marginalize Christians," Strip God From Society, Push Christians "Into the Shadows"

TERRORSEXUALS: Extremist "Gay" Thugs Threatened "Possible Deaths" If Not Allowed in Boston St. Patrick's Parade

. . . Radicalized OutVets: "'Gay'-planned violence is why the homosexuals won inclusion"

. . . Boston: "Resembles a banana republic"

. . . Schaper: "It's time for Americans to fight back against this movement, which was founded on a lie, and is now persecuting the decent and law-abiding citizens"


. . .  Gavin Hubbard AKA "Laurel": "Dominated"

. . . Two-Time Olympian Asks: "If it's not even, why are we doing the sport?"

TRUMP RELEASES "BIG LIST" to Shame Sanctuary Cities: Localities Called Out by Name for Refusing to Protect U.S. From Criminal Illegals

. . . Sanctuary Brutality: New Violent Details Emerge in Alleged Rape of 14-Year-Old Girl at Rockville High School in Maryland by Two Male Teens, One Known to Be Illegal Alien

DEMOCRAT SENATORS TELL NEIL GORSUCH: Wrong to Judge Law on Basis of Actual Written Constitution

. . . Leahy: "Originalism . . . remains outside the mainstream of moderate constitutional jurisprudence"

. . . Feinstein: "I find this originalist, judicial philosophy to be really troubling"

. . . Supreme Court Combined Oath of Office: "Support and defend the Constitution of the United States," "I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation"

. . . U.S. Constitution, Article VI: "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution"

HOMOSEX ACTIVIST SLAMS DISNEY: Why Steal Innocence of Kids by Exposing Them to LGBT?

. . . Condemns Warped Beauty and the Beast: "Maybe the point is to make them grow up too soon and that is where I part ways with my community"


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