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DANGEROUS MANCHESTER MAYOR: Muslim Terrorist "Not a Muslim"

. . . Jihad-Coddling Mayor Andy Burnham Stifled U.K. Counterterror Ops Due to "Islamophobia" Concerns

. . . Burnham's Not a Muslim "Decree contradicts the overwhelming evidence that suicide-terrorist Salman Abedi was a devout Muslim and an active member of his mosque in Britain"

. . . Newly Elected Mayor a Menace: "In his efforts to shut down down counterterror programs, Burnham worked side by side with fringe Islamic groups to advance his agenda"

. . . Carnage at His Doorstep: "Less than three weeks" after elected mayor, "his city has suffered a massive Islamic terror attack that killed scores of innocent teenage girls"

PORTLAND IDIOTS: Burrito Food Cart Forced to Close Due to "Cultural Appropriation"

. . . Racist Newspaper Declares "Victory": "This week in white nonsense"

. . . Portland Mercury: "Two white women . . . decided it would be cute"

MANCHESTER TERROR: Islamist Appeasing Police and Politicians Have Blood on Their Hands

. . . Manchester Weakness Invites Islamic Terror: "In the months before weeping little girls with nails in their faces were carried out of the Manchester Arena, the authorities of that city were hard at work fighting the dreaded threat of Islamophobia"

. . . Weak Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham: Vowed after the slaughter, "Terrorists will never beat us." But "terrorists don't need to beat Burnham. He'll eagerly collaborate without so much as a single slap"

. . . Weak Manchester Sellouts: "Mayor Burnham sold out the police. The police sold out the people. The authorities were chasing Islamophobia when they should have been fighting Islamic terror"

WALTER E. WILLIAMS: How Gov't Schools Breed Strife

. . . Free-Market Allocation Means We Can Disagree and Still Live in Peace

YET ANOTHER JIHAD MASSACRE IN BRITAIN: Prime Minister May Should Apologize and Resign

. . . May's Canned Response: "Nothing she said about this jihad attack that could not have been said about ten jihad massacres before it"

. . . Your Immigration Policies: If Not for "policies that May and her Conservative Party, in collaboration with the other British establishment parties, have pursued for well over a decade, the jihadis who perpetrated this massacre may not have been in Britain at all"

. . . Establishment Appeasement: "British political establishment has accommodated and appeased the Muslim community at every turn, allowing for the establishment of Sharia courts and partnering with numerous 'moderates' who turned out, surprise surprise, really to be 'extremists'"

. . . Gov't Wrath Unleashed -- on Sane Brits:  "Full wrath . . . unleashed upon those British citizens who have dared to dissent from this madness and to declare publicly their support for the preservation of British national security, as well as the national character and culture"

. . . Islamic State Jihadi: Manchester "Only the Beginning"

TILLERSON SAYS TEL AVIV Is "Home of Judaism." It's Not

. . . Jerusalem, Israel's Capital, Is the Home of Judaism

. . . Tillerson "Perhaps the Most Hostile Trump Cabinet Member to the Jewish State

THINK SOCIALISM IS WONDERFUL? "How About a One-Way Ticket to Caracas?"

. . . Socialist Minimum Wage: "Less than $50 -- not per day or per week, but per month"

. . . Safe Zones: 100,000-Strong Security Force -- "to keep the government leaders like corrupt President Nicolas Maduro safe from their own citizens"

. . . Epic Crisis Man-Made: "Mass hunger, mass poverty, despair, ghetto upon ghetto"

. . . Hmm: "No one in the media seems to pay any attention to this man-made disaster"

VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM Fighting Communism in California

. . . State Sen. Janet Nguyen: "Must be commended . . . for her actions to stop legislation that would have normalized communist ideology in the Golden State"

. . . Exposing Tom Hayden: Nguyen's "valiant quest to stand up in the face of acclaim for a traitorous communist collaborator"


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"Black Lives Matter" Movement to Be Awarded Peace Prize
May 24, 2017 • 11:27 AM

Venezuela Civil War Closer as Mobs Burn Childhood Home of Socialist Hugo Chavez
May 23, 2017 • 9:42 AM

Survey: Target's Customer Satisfaction Plunging
May 22, 2017 • 10:06 AM

2 AM: Violent Underwear-Clad Intruder Invades Texas Pastor's Home, Is Shot Dead -- Video
May 19, 2017 • 7:59 AM

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TERROR GUIDES & BOMB-MAKING MANUALS "Openly Available on Social Media"

. . . "'Dozens' of Videos providing guidance to terrorists on YouTube, according to The Times"

. . . "Step-by-Step Instructions on building a ball-bearing bomb using acetone peroxide, or TATP"

. . . TATP Used by Suicide Bombers in the "November 2015 Paris attacks and the 2016 Brussels bombings"

OBAMA KNOWINGLY OPENED DOOR to MS-13 Gang, Members Released Into Communities: Whistleblower

. . . AG Sessions: "They use machetes, they kill children, they put children into prostitution at age 12"

Rejecting Transgenderism: Critics

. . . Warning: Extremist Act "an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression and codifies a spurious ideology of gender identity in law"

COLORADO BEAR Tries to Cuturally Appropriate Human Donuts

. . . Moose Watch Cafe Now Offering Bear Claws

"CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED -- We Need Action Not Vigils": Dad's Fury on BBC Over Manchester Terror

. . . Politically Correct Weakness: "The root cause of this and nobody, because of political correctness [will say this], these mosques are preaching hate, the Islamic schools are peaching hate . . . this is killing our children"

. . . A Time to Act: "A peace march and lighting candles achieves nothing. They don’t give a monkeys about that, they don’t care. Action and it needs to be done yesterday"

. . . Robert Gates Warns: More Attacks Like Manchester, as ISIS Fighters Pose as Refugees

. . . England: Fewer Christians, More Muslims -- Christian Population Drops From 71.7% to 59.4% in 10 Years

TEXAS SHERIFF EVISCERATES LIBERALS Over Manchester Bombing: "Wake Up, America," "Pay attention to what you see in Manchester, England . . . to what is happening in Europe"

. . . Tracy Murphree: "This is what happens when you disarm your citizens"

. . . "When You Open Your Borders without the proper vetting"

. . . "When You Allow Political Correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you"

TRUMP BUDGET COMPLETELY DEFUNDS Abortion Providers, and Planned Parenthood Is Furious

. . . President Appoints Pro-Life Conservative to Lead Faith-Based Office



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