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FROM "BOY SCOUT" TO "MEAN GIRL": More Comey Regrets Over His Book

. . . Catty Comey: Called Out on The View

. . . Image Implosion: "The man with the carefully manufactured image of a Boy Scout is now being seen as a Mean Girl"

HIGH CULT OF CLIMATE CHANGE: Los Angeles Wastes Taxpayer Money Painting Streets to Fight Climate Change

. . . Don't Think, Just Believe: "Climate Change is a fact of life . . .  and it is not debatable or negotiable" -- High Priest and Mayor of LA Eric Garcetti

. . . Show Earth the Money! "$40K a mile to bring the temperature down on some streets"

. . . With Money, Nothing Is Impossible: "One of the frequent problems of dealing with postmodern secular progressives is that they all think they can be God if given the proper budget"

C-SPAN -- NANCY PEARCEY: Talks About New Book LOVE THY BODY at the Heritage Foundation, Capitol Hill

. . . Welcome: "Absolutely delighted to welcome Nancy Pearcey to our podium once again" -- Becky Norton Dunlop, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow at Heritage

. . . WATCH: Pearcey Launches, Goes on Offense -- "I'm Going to Turn the Tables"

. . . "Secular Liberalism" a Failure: "It's a Philosophy That Undermines Human Dignity and Human Rights"

COMEY AND BRENNAN, LEADERS OF THE COUP: That These Two Reckless, Gossipy Partisans Headed Up the FBI and CIA Is the Real Scandal

. . . Tin-Pot Wannabes: "Here we have the two former guardians of the nation's secrets showing less restraint than gossip columnists at TMZ"

. . . Comey: "Compares a president who gained power lawfully to a 'mobster,' while he casts his own illicit power grabs as 'ethical'"

. . . Delusions of Brennan: "Supported the Soviet-controlled American Communist Party in the 1970s, has even taken to speaking up for the 'deceived,' as if he is the voice of an oppressed and unenlightened proletariat"

BIG BANKS TARGET the 2nd Amendment

. . . The Extremist Left: Banks on Big Banks for Gun Control

. . . Greenfield: "The left is not against big banks. It is against freedom"

TRUMP IS WINNING -- That's Why the Left Is Unraveling

. . . Chumley: Trump "rode into office on the wings, in part, of a promise to clean up the Deep State, drain the swamp and boot from places of influence those who've worked behind the scenes to undo America’s greatness, one unconstitutional usurpation at a time"

. . . "It Must Be Working. How else to explain how nuts the left's been acting of late?"

. . . LATimes: Trump a Threat to the Republic

. . . Litman: "A deadly serious challenge to constitutional norms and the rule of law"

THE EXECUTIONERS: Britain's National Health Service Holds Another Baby Hostage

. . . Socialism Kills: "Alfie Evans, like Charlie Gard, has been sentenced to death by socialized medicine"

. . . Hospital of Death: "Administrators of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, have obtained a court order allowing them to withdraw life support -- though he hasn't been diagnosed as terminally ill"

. . . "For Them, It's All About Power": "You’ll know the game is up when you find the police guarding a hospital room so you can't see your son, your mother, or some other loved one"

VIDEO: Martin Luther King Jr. "Would Be Ashamed" of the Democratic Party

. . . Mark Lutchman: "The Democrats are the party of hypocrites and judgmental, racist liars"

. . . "It's No Wonder Why MLK Identified as a Republican"


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The Enemy in Our Schools: Should Anti-American Marxist Set History Curriculum for American Schools?
April 19, 2018 • 11:34 AM

Eric Holder: "I'm Thinking About" Running for President
April 18, 2018 • 10:45 AM

Video: Reporter vs. Marine Dog
April 17, 2018 • 12:48 PM

Wells Fargo Stems the Tide: Not a Bank's Job to Set U.S. Gun Policy
April 16, 2018 • 8:57 AM

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SUSPECTED 9/11 RECRUITER FOR AL QAEDA Captured in Syria -- Report

. . . Australia -- "Allahu Akbar!": Man Stabbed in Neck by Muslim Houseguest Goes Public

. . . "ISIS-inspired" Exchange Student Attacks Host in His Sleep Day After She Arrives

. . . Sweden: Shootings "So Common They Don't Make Headlines," Cities Rocked by Bombs, Grenade Blasts

. . . Rome -- Baby Alfie: Dad Claims Hospital in Rome Ready to Take His Son "TODAY"

. . . Refusal to Let Alfie Evans Come to Vatican Hospital "Beyond All Human Logic" -- Italian Bishop

. . . Germany: Theater Production -- Wear a Swastika, Get in Free

TRUMP ON NKOREA MEETING: We'll Walk If It's Not "Fruitful"

. . . POTUS: Hails "Revolution" Against "Sanctuary State" Laws in California

. . . Tweet: "There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept"

. . . Former Evan McMullin Staffer: Rips This Failed Candidate for Stiffing Campaign Workers

. . . "Principled" McMullin Owes $$$: "Tens of thousands of dollars . . . most believe he has no intention of ever paying them" -- Report

. . . "There Were Families That This Debt Really Hurt"

. . . Hey, Evan, Where Are You? "Evan McMullin did not return a request for comment"

CONGRESSMEN REQUEST FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS of James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

. . . "Potential Violation(s) of Federal Statutes"

. . . Equal Justice: "We are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, respectively"

. . . Rule of Law: "Those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately"

THE BOOK BURNERS: California Set to Vote on Banning Books About Treating Unwanted Homosexual Attraction

. . . Anti-Free Speech Homosexuals: "At its core, AB 2943 outlaws speech"

. . . U.S. Constitution: Forbids "Abridging the freedom of speech"

. . . Calif. Constitution: "Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects"

ISLAMIC STATE BEHEADS CHILD for Providing "Food and Water" to Afghan Troops -- Report

. . . Russia: Cossacks on Horseback to Guard World Cup Soccer Matches

. . . Germany: Chancellor Angela Merkel to Visit White House Next Week

. . . Berlin -- Anti-Semitism: Jewish Teen Belt-Whipped, Abused on City Street by Muslim Attacker -- Report

. . . Argentina: "Human Rights" Chief Demands Repeal of "Violent" Pro-Life Law

"TOTAL CON JOB": Trump Mocks Stormy Daniels' Sketch of "Nonexistent" Harasser

. . . POTUS: Daniels "Playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!"

. . . Supreme Court: Makes It Harder to Deport Legal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes

. . . CNN Panel: Uses Barbara Bush's Passing to Slam Trump

. . . Illegal Criminal Alien Hits Motorcyclist, Accelerates and Crushes Man to Death

. . . Crushed: Father of 4 Children

"GOES OFF THE RAILS": Latest AP History Textbook Says Christians and Conservatives Are Racists

. . . Student: Personal Opinion vs. Real History

. . . Reject Indoctrination: "If the facts are skewed, then students aren't able to make well-rounded decisions on what they believe"

. . . Alex On-Air: "In case you didn't think there was an effort going on in public schools to indoctrinate kids with an anti-conservative agenda"

PRO-ABORTION CAMPUS VANDALS Caught on Video Destroying Approved Pro-Life Display

. . . Students for Life of America: Set Up "Graveyard of the Innocent"

. . . Coed Vandal: "There are people on this campus who have gone through this experience, and seeing these flags is traumatic"

. . . Pro-Life Student: "If this is just a bundle of cells, why would this be traumatic?"

. . . Pro-Homosex Vandal: "Courtney Woods, vice president of the campus chapter of pro-homosexual group PRISM"

. . . WATCH: College of New Jersey Students Destroy Display -- YouTube


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