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THE IMMORALITY of the Open Borders Party

. . . San Francisco Democrats, Again: Prioritize Fake Rights Over Humane Justice

. . . Carlson: Democrats Are Against All Walls -- Except Walls That Protect Their Own Homes


. . . Tulsi Gabbard Grovels Before LGBTQ Lobby

. . . Roe v. Wade Has Spread Scientific Illiteracy

ABORTION IS NOT HEALTHCARE, and "It's Time Our Laws Reflected That"

. . . Marist Survey: "Majority of All Americans Oppose Any Taxpayer Funding of Abortion"

. . . Stop Taxpayer Money for Planned Parenthood

. . . Protect the Human Babies: "All human lives sacred regardless of a person's size or degree of dependency"

"TRANSMANIA" and the Subversion of Masculinity

. . . Ugly LGBTQ: "When did a child appearing in media with a naked man cease to be considered child porn?"

. . . Normalizing Deviance: Part of War on Gender Roles

. . . Next Gillette Should Target "Toxic Femininity"

SURPRISE: Genius Behind the Man-Hating Gillette Ad Is a Radical Feminist

. . . "Grimly Lecturing" Ad: "Declares masculinity itself toxic, a peril to decent society"

. . . 40,000 Thumbs Down on YouTube

. . . Gutfeld: "Only ones lauding the Gillette ad work in media/advertising. Everyone else sees it for what it is: a smarmy, condescending virtue signal aimed at the hardworking decent men they have been price-gouging for years"

FAKING EDUCATION: Learning Becoming Propaganda in Our Primary and Secondary Schools

. . . Teach the Kids to Hate: "To Be White Is Racist, Period!"

. . . Inhumane Goal: "To tear apart rather than to foster understanding, respect, confidence and civic pride"

DEEP STATE: Did Justice, CIA, and FBI Commit Crimes to Get Rid of Trump?

. . . Paranoid Style at the FBI

. . . Creeping Tyranny: "No Actual Evidence"

. . . Video: FBI Plotted to Destroy Trump

FEMINIST MONSTERS Call Unborn Babies "Medical Waste"

. . . Daily Show Co-Creator: "If they (Supreme Court) take it & decide medical waste is a person, ROE IS DEAD"

. . . Teen Vogue Columnist: "Dear Scotus: Fetal Tissue Is Not a Person"


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Pence: "To See Major News Organizations Attacking Christian Education Is Deeply Offensive to Us"
January 18, 2019 • 9:37 AM

Report: Google Employees Freak Out Over the Word "Family"
January 17, 2019 • 12:32 PM

2020 Hopeful Beto O'Rourke Questions Relevancy of Constitution in Widely Mocked Interview
January 16, 2019 • 11:16 AM

Trans-Fanaticism: "Gender-Affirming" Treatment for Children Has No Scientific Basis, Medical Experts Warn Court
January 15, 2019 • 1:28 PM

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OBAMA'S SHREDDING of the Constitution: Unveiling the Lawlessness in the Obama Administration, by Andy McCarthy

WHY EVOLUTIONARY THEORY Cannot Survive Itself, by Nancy Pearcey

QUACK! EARTH NEEDS MEN Who Stare at Ducks and Women: A&E Launching Two-Faced Counterattack Against "Duck Dynasty" Robertsons in 2014, by J. Richard Pearcey


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MARTIN LUTHER KING'S NIECE: "Inhuman," "Inhumane" for Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood to Claim MLK Legacy "Intertwined" With Abortion

. . . Planned P'hood Dishonors MLK: "Killing Innocent Babies"

. . . "Crimes Against Humanity": "Abortion, Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery"

TEXAS HOMEOWNER SHOOTS DEAD 3 MEN and Wounds 2 During Home Invasion

. . . Houston Police: "The Homeowner Appears to Have Defended Himself"

. . . MLK Denied Concealed Carry for Self-Defense

. . . Democrats in Power: "May Issue"

. . . "Armed People Are Harder to Lynch"


. . . Swiss Group Global Petition Asks Catholic Bishops to Stop Homosexual Networks

. . . Trump: To Rapidly Expand U.S. Missile Defenses

. . . VP Pence-Venezuela: Offers Support for Opposition Leader Against "Illegitimate" President Maduro

. . . Pence: "I Spoke With Juan Guaido Just Yesterday" -- Video

AMID PARTIAL FEDERAL CLOSURE, Trump Cancels U.S. Delegation to Davos After Postponing Pelosi's 3-Nation Tour

. . . POTUS: Democrat "Intransigence"

. . . Marist Poll: Trump Latino Support Jumps 19 Points

TED CRUZ: Nancy Pelosi Terrified of Trump Speaking Directly to Americans During State of the Union

. . . Angel Mom to Pelosi's MS-13 Defense: My Son's "Spark of Divinity" Erased

. . . Obama's Favorite Movies Had "Everyone Dying": Valerie Jarrett

MAXINE WATERS WANTS $13.27 BILLION to End Homelessness

. . . But No Money for a Wall

. . . Taxpayers Funded Shrinks Who Deem Masculinity Harmful to Health

. . . "Guidelines Reflect the Beliefs of the Psychoanalysts Who Crafted Them"

BABIES WANTED: Nordic Countries Crying for Kids

. . . Cuba: Bristles After U.S. Move to Allow Lawsuits Over Seized Assets

. . . U.S.: Hoyer Rejects Pelosi's Notion Walls Are "Immoral"

. . . "Obviously" Walls "Work Some Places"

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "A Just Gov't Abides by the 'Laws of Nature and of Nature's God'"

. . . Southern Poverty Law Center Honchos Sued Under Law Targeting Organized Crime

. . . SPLC's Richard Cohen, Heidi Beirich: "Pattern of Racketeering"

. . . Clemson Coach Dabo Sweeney Honored by Sen. Tim Scott for Honoring Jesus Christ


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